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    Inking the first pages of the new book I was too lazy to do some editing, so you will hear the music I was listening to and if you pay attention you can hear me singing, sorry about that :)

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    Bird Lady- Inventory

    in a few weeks I’ll be at TCAF and I’ll be selling this plus a bunch of other comics in a nice little collection. Stop by and say hello!


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    We are LIVE! Check out / back our Indiegogo campaign for LNA Vol. 2: Death & Prom

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    I get asked a lot about my process, I’ve been meaning to make a blog post about it for a while, in order to direct questions to. So here we go.

    I have picked an image from each step of my process here, but because I am a bit disorganised and have a terrible filing system, they are actually each from a different page of the same story, because I couldn’t be bothered to wade through my files! But I think it should explain it enough. 

    So I actually spend a lot more time writing than I do drawing, I don’t know if this is standard for comics, I’ve always wondered.  First I make a lot of confusing and messy notes in my sketch book, which probably only I can understand. Then I write them up as a prose short story, which I then go through and work out how I will slice up into panels and pages and whatnot.  My work tends to be pretty text heavy, even with a lot of the description from my original story coming out. Which is always a little sad. (Probably I secretly just want to write epic novels or something!) Then I pencil, changing the text as I go to make it fit. And then I ink using a brush pen, scan, clean up, add a bit of colour on photoshop and add the type using my typeface (which is based on my handwriting). And hey presto there you have it.  TA DA. 

    I love Isabel’s process - especially the focus on writing. You can really tell when it comes to the finished piece that a lot of time has gone into working out the story and the pacing. I think a lot of that get’s lost when you work panel to panel.

  8. A cheeky sneaky peeky? Yes tease!

    Some snippets from our next anthology - released in a few weeks!

    Images by: Alice Urbino, Emma Carlisle, Lize Meddings, Stephanie Ayres, and Donya Todd

    EDIT: hunger is a recurring theme


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    We would love to have your submission to Bear Pit Zine #9. As usual, all comics, illustration and other forms of sequential art are welcome!

    Theme: “Compulsion”

    Deadline: Sunday 4th May 2014

    Zine Format: The zine is in black and white, but greys print out well. Due to…

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    "Linda at Night" - 18 page graphic novel documenting the journey of Linda, a 40 year old woman who just got broken up with by Doug. Available for sale soon.

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